For many years now I have been honing my skills in self-taught wood carving, this came from a childhood passion and interest in playing, even learning, and making things out of wood. I can remember, at the early tender age of around 8 to10 years, I would be trying to sell my little toys, these made from two or three bits of wood cut into the angled shapes and basic joints, eventually these became basic little wooden boats. Then and sold for 10p on my parents' driveway...

Strangely I don't remember being really excited by wood work at secondary school, but I did attend the class and exam. I still have things I made with pride at home and in my workshop as a reminder of my humble beginnings.

It wasn't till I left school, as I joined the family exhibition business in Great Baddow, which is near Chelmsford, in Essex, where my skills were again reignited. Growing slowly, it came after watching and learning from a very talented young at the time craftsman, making many lovely items, these were highly finished, completed to high standards with a lot of care, dedication, time and skill, this almost certainly sowed the seed in me once again. I was then gradually allowed and encouraged to make display items; this has seemingly never left me. Today I still enjoy making displays now for others, mostly to their design but with my style and influence including carvings.

In-car entertainment display stands In-car Entertainment Display Stands One of my first missions accomplished was for the 1st ever Pizza and Pasta show in the heart of London. As the years went by, after a few life and career changes I started a mobile phone shop in Maldon, Essex. Over time, I diverted some of the shop into in-car entertainment, (which was very big at the time). I also had fine art too, this part is still going strong today.

So, to enhance the store, I made and carved out of MDF the stands for the stereos and furniture, the stands were also computer designed for replication by, at the time my employee Garry Childs. Together with his skills we started Freedom Web Services, to which he continues to own and run. For over 20 years now, he is of consistent support, and highly involved with Freedom fine art, along with all our associated business ventures at Freedom stores.

Back to the wood carving, after a long break, I once again when back to my roots, working with wood. This time I set up my business to showcase my own work, This really was a result of having been asked to make some little plinths, for use with medals from the M.O.D. this was for a friend who made jewellery items. Also, I had a new job making rustic mirror frames and other display items for the hotel and restaurant industry. This when I left the job would ultimately lead me to where we are today, and how I decided to create Art of wood working on my own ideas, creations for mainly residential clients.

Carving was soon to place an ever-greater role and passion in my work, now with my creativity and a growing back catalogue of work, I now have many of the commissions coming from the funeral industry, which I was now also a part of. I have now proudly completed carving for west Suffolk crematorium, house signs and for funeral directors with bespoke marker crosses and soil boxes and so much more.

Work for ITV with Emmerdale and Panels made for artists to be shown in top city buildings in Hong Kong and China are also among the highlights.

I work and carve with all suitable woods; however, I mainly work with the traditional hardwood with a variety of oaks, but have worked with cherry, walnut and the woodcarver's favourite for ease, Lime. This along with many other hard and soft woods too.

I provide a full carving bespoke project service; this is supplying you with many hours of care and attention. All aspects of hand carving projects, from conception of an idea, this working closely with the client. Through to completion and installation of the project if required, I will try to offer advice and imagery along the journey. Upon conclusion, I will also advise on protection of the wood, this to maintain that lasting and feature of work of art, so you have one to be proud of and enjoy hopefully for years to come.

Stephen J Turner - Artisan
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