Wren Image

Natures Little Messenger

It’s early, daybreak is declaring its intentions with a growing determination. All around there is a slight, still tranquil freshness to the air. A continuous bleak solid darkness that once filled the night gently begins to diminish; flickers of light emerge like a growing white light. This is akin to a frost taking hold of all it conquers over the passage of time. Creeping slowly in all directions, its fingers of light extending over the sleepy dawn. So, the newly born day begins evolving as its journey gains momentum. Acquiring its strength from skies above, pockets of light attach themselves to any unhidden surface, similar to a painter putting the finishing touches with pride to their new work of art. The dawn reveals its freshly created shadows, moving at an ever-greater speed. The increasingly obvious beautiful cacophony of birdsong begins to fill the fresh morning sweet, due rich air. With the emerging daylight, and the advent of the birth of the new rapidly incipient day, it is now promptly being serenaded, with the romance for the new dawn taking hold, increasing fast. With its new intensifying gusto, the senses are alerted and enhanced. Wren Illustration This, seemingly as a reward for making it through the long stillness of nightfall, a state of pleasure and reassurance is felt within, in readiness to embrace the emerging day.

Meanwhile the joyful wren, one of the smallest commonly found birds, starts to play in its own role in our daily tapestry. The delightful attentive wren, also one of our co companions, often shares in the pleasures of the outdoors with us, when were busy, either fulfilling our daily routines, or simply immersing ourselves in the beauty of our leisurely surroundings.

So as the morning glow continues to wrap itself around us, it’s like water in an unstoppable flood. Its confidently taking control, without a regard for the darkened night, now almost passed. The delightful wren gets to work, it begins with loud songs, these starting to deliver a colourful chorus, the messages of joy being forcefully heard. Also, like the birth of the new day, it’s one to find and begin in a new search for happiness and joy. More importantly it brings a greater message to us, that if heard, that is one of change, if change is needed.

As all of us know, life will always bring challenges and changes, large or small they are part of the fabric of our everyday lives. So, change is sometimes required. The wren’s message is that they are needed for the good, even if this is hard to make or understand at the time.

Wren Illustration Consequently, the wren is often seen darting to and from, in a hurried, industrious manner. It is like a postman, with a delivery of envelopes full of news, possibly of change. The wren is showing us that its always in search of happiness. This is embraced by the fact that if the wren has availed itself to us, it happens as we go about our daily routine. Sometimes it’s whilst enduring worries, or questions weighing heavily in our cluttered minds. Therefore, at this sensitive time, the wren’s wise message to us is, it is now up to us to make sense of this communication. But so importantly, is to reassure us. The happier times are yet to grace us. Hence, as we continue with our precious day we are to search for, be encouraged by, and embrace the new. The wren’s message is simply driving us in that positive forward direction, to seek long term joy, to which we hold so dear.

© 2024 Stephen J Turner