Bespoke Rustic Table From Recycled Materials Bespoke rustic table made from recycled materials As with carvings also furniture, I am sure your aware trees also take time to produce. So, it has always been my intention to grow the next crop of trees. So doing, replacing the ones I have had the privilege to salvage. Create the new, this with feelings of blessings for the life the tree had lived, now being respected for generations to come. Hopefully, justice being done to the beauty and character of the life it once lived. Helped in time for all to wonder and enjoy.

As mentioned on my sculpture page, my grandad “Grumpy” showed me the rights and wrongs of using a tenon saw. To my memory, this took place in his barn loft wood workshop at his farm in East Sussex. I was at a tender age of around just 8 years old, this tool I still have and hold very dear, it is used on many projects in my workshop in Norfolk to this day.

Also in my workshop is another family piece of furniture with an amazing but very sad story. I have a normal wooden desk, (now being used to hold my chop saw). As far as I know this was owned and used by my uncle Roy Leg. He was at the time living with my Aunty Jo and my mother’s youngest sister in Kent and they both were very much associated in Leather-craft (this is also mentioned in my sculpture page). He was a fine engineer and had a passion for the expensive things in life, he owned a small biplane to which he flew locally, I remember being quite young visiting it just once in a fast car. He also within his plane club and enthusiasts was very well respected, he designed and entered many aerobatic competitions. Pill box wardrobe Pill-box wardrobe I understand one plane or new flight routine were partly designed on the desk I have. Very sadly many years ago he was competing at a show at Seething airfield, where he was doing his new routine, but sadly he lost control, crashed and passed away. This by total chance is only about 6 miles away from where I now have my workshop in Norfolk. The desk has had many moves over the years from Kent, back then I would never have guessed or realised where the same desk would be today.

In regards to furniture, I have always had a passion for making things and furniture is no exception. I expect this probably comes from my past. It may be, as already mentioned with the exhibitions and my creative family. It could especially be my father, who as a senior civil engineer at Kings Cross would look after extremely large projects. Over time this surely has encouraged me in the building and construction element of my work.

So, to date I have never really satisfied my desire to build furniture items, one I take great pride in and hold a very high expectation in myself to succeed. I have now accomplished a few projects to date. Petal Box featured on Emmerdale Petal Box featured on Emmerdale
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They are, of a carved ivy leaf lectern for West Suffolk crematorium. A couple of bespoke house signs, many hand-crafted mirrors and picture frames. I have also made deluxe soil boxes, (one used for a funeral and weddings on ITV's Emmerdale). However, when it comes to one off bespoke true furniture items, to date I have made only a few, these include a bespoke commissioned oak pill cabinet, this also had lovely dovetail joints. Also, one of my largest furniture items to date is an upholstered mock Tudor piano seat, could also be used as a memory box, it comes with clever with replaceable panels for design change to suit the décor and room. Also, a small table with diamond wood inlay and three-way joints. These were all completed in my style of waney edge design. Amongst the others are bespoke mirrors with carvings, also nature sculptures and including leaf and rose carvings.

And finally, the next ambition to realise, is and has always been, to combine my furniture building with my design and carving skills. In doing so, producing that completely unique exquisite work of art, to be treasured for many generations to come.

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